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HEY! You really are interested ha?


You wont regret.
Come on in.

friend of Z
friend of Light

We know you are a little confused right now

-not sorry for that- 

We are just 2 human beings from somewhere around the world. It doesn't matter. Does it? We are making art for around 12 years. In 2014 we found each other and since then we can rocking!

Fundraiser of our 3D projects and tickets of our future shows. 


If you buy 3 fundamental you will get a "Dance off" NFT from Dance of lightz collection.

Dance of lightZ

Our main project. We are working on new shows everyday. The collection is going to get bigger with complicated shows in time.

Fundamentals of lightZ

Q & A

- Seriously, who are you?

-   We are close friends. We act, direct, write, desing. We are really into performing arts but that's why we couldn't travel enough until now. We want to make art and travel at the same time. That's how we met blockchain technology... We don't want to bother you with these stories. Follow us on twitter for unnecessery details of our lives.

- What are you doing in metaverse?

- We are using some desinging tools for our real life jobs. As a starter we are releasing our latest shows. After we release our first 200-250 NFT with that shows we will desing only for metaverse. If you want us to desing your real-life or metaverse party lightings you only need to reach us.

- What are your future plans?

- We want to be the first lighting designers of this universe. In short time we want to release our shows with great playlists. If you like our online shows, we want to make our shows exclusive for our NFT holders. The community is the key and we want to spend time with you and listen your feedbacks thank to our events.

- Why should I invest to your project?

- Actually, we are the first ones of this kind of lighting ideas. We are sure that this is going to be a serious businness on metaverse and we are going to be a part of it. You can follow us on twitter to see what we are doing. We dont want to reveal our faces and real names for now. Sorry. However, you can always reach us via DM or e-Mail to have small talks.

- How can I trust you?

- We cannot reveal our real life shows and designes like our names and faces. Thats why its harder to gain your trust we know it. Follow us, keep your eyes on us and you will see the process and believe that we are trying our best 7/24 to be better and better.

- About your offers. Can you explain clearly?

- If you buy 3 piece of "Fundamentals of lightZ" we will send you a "Dance off" NFT from our 3D project "Dance of lightZ". The second offer is; if you have 3 "Dance off" we will send you a "Dance". Thats it.

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